5 Mental Health Benefits of Journaling

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5 Mental Health Benefits of Journaling

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Awesome Life planner for Self

               Journaling is a fun and positive way to keep track of your day. There are no hard and fast rules as to how your journal should be, you can write down the highlights of your day, bright ideas that pop up, doodle, write a poem, express yourself in the way you best want to. Just make sure that you continue this as a daily exercise, but if you forget on some days or don’t find time, don’t give up, keep the thread going. Planners and journals from Doodle monk are undated, giving you the flexibility to pick up where you left off.

Connecting with your inner self

In today’s fast-paced world, most of us don’t find the time to connect with ourselves. Many of us don’t know what we really want from life, journals and planners help to vocalize this by thinking about them and expressing them. This helps to further break down goals for SELF – FAMILY – WORK in life into tasks and carve out a road map to achieve them.  

Happy Planner
Master Plan

Bring in more positivity

When you write down the happy moments in life and show gratitude for them, this automatically make you feel more positive. Doodlemonk’s 90 days Gratitude Journal lets you do just that! Journaling helps you work on prioritizing your problems and fears and once you see them on paper, they don’t seem as terrible as you thought. You will find it easier to come up with a solution.

Doodle out your creative side!

Planners and journals from Doodlemonk stimulate your imagination with stunning creative illustrations brought alive by Visual Artist S.Srirama Santhosh. These inspire you to reach out to your inner artist and try your hand at doodling. Whether you doodle for mental health or doodle for stress relief or just fun, you will feel revitalised and ready to take on the world.

Journaling to clear depression

Journaling is a proven tool that puts you in a positive mental frame of mind and helps you acknowledge negative emotions and then break the patterns. When depressed, you might find it difficult to find something to write about, but the little prompts in Doodlemonk’s planners and journals give you the dose of motivation you need.

My Daily Plan
kids gratitude journal
Kids Gratitude Journal
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Gratefulness Gratitude Journal

Bring down stress

Journaling brings down your stress levels by helping you identify the trigger and cause of the stress. Once the emotions, feelings, or individuals who are causing your stress are cleared, you can lead a stress-free life. Doodlemonk’s products contain stress busters.

Boost your happiness

Doodlemonk journals and planners have been beautifully crafted for the journey called life! The handy New Gratitude Journal, Awesome Life Planner and other products bring you your daily dose of happiness. The brand offers options for both adults and kids and is a Paperback – 100 Gsm. You can also Gift -A-Life to a friend with this wonderful range.

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