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"Daily Dose of Happiness for Body, Mind & Spirit"

As a positive lifestyle brand, we, Doodle Monk, commit to empowering individuals to find inner calm and reflect on their true selves, cultivating lasting happiness through self-love and holistic well-being. Our curated tools and products, including apparel, gratitude journals, planners, bookmarks, home decor, and more,are all crafted by artists to uplift your inner self.

 "Our mission is to help you establish healthy habits and daily routines that promote self-reflection and bring you a daily dose of happiness."

"Comfortable Healing Tees for Everyday Mindfulness"


"Experience daily happiness with our Doodle Monk Positive  T-Shirt! Crafted from premium 100% combed cotton, it's designed for comfort in all climates. Our quirky doodle prints spread instant positivity, while durable bio-washed fabric ensures lasting vibrancy. Boost your mood, promote well-being, and spread joy with every wear. Perfect for sparking conversations and uplifting spirits, it's your daily dose of happiness in wearable form. Embrace holistic wellness and elevate your style with our uniquely designed, consciously crafted tees. Shop now for an unparalleled shopping experience and elevate your everyday with positivity!"

Bookaholic – Magnetic Bookmarks Pack of 6 Individual

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Yogi Cushion Cover

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Elephant Utility Pouch

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Only Happiness – Tote Bag

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Invest in your Happiness​



"Fuel Your Daily Dose of Happiness with           Self-Love Investment through Gratitude"

Embracing a gratitude journal offers a multitude of benefits, globally recognized for its transformative impact. Regular practice fosters positivity, reduces stress, and enhances overall well-being. Additionally, it's perfect for children, nurturing their emotional intelligence and instilling gratitude from a young age. Beyond its benefits, gifting a gratitude journal isn't just another present; it's a gesture that creates lasting memories and positively influences lives for years to come. Its value far surpasses the monetary cost, making it a truly meaningful and impactful gift choice.

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"Designs to Elevate: Style, Comfort, Positivity."

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