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"Positive Vibes, Positive Lives"

Your Source for Life-Enhancing Products.

Your one stop shop for the finest stationery, custom and designer gifts, apparel, home decor, t-shirts, accessories, and more! Find products meticulously crafted by our talented artists.  This wide range of Original Illustrated Merch collections has more than 200+  products, Carefully Designed by Visual Artist S. Srirama Santhosh.

Our Doodle Monk family gives us the #dailydoseofhappiness to Kick-Start your day with loads of enthusiasm.

We Wish Happy day 🙂 Happy you 🙂

Happy Box

Give your life a Boost & order our Monk-made offer. #gratefulanniversary

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Doodle Monk is the perfect blend of doodle’s fun and monk’s immaculate simplicity.