Gratitude Journal for Kids – Paperback 90 Days B6 Journal.


Gratitude Journal for Kids – Journal

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  • 90 Days B6 Journal: This Gratitude Journal for kids initiates them into a delightful journey of 90 days where they can create memories with moments they are happy and grateful for. Created with kids in mind, it comes with little nooks and corners to add in their bright ideas.
  • Illustrated for kids: The fun illustrations make every page a delight to turn and kids will simply love the beautifully illustrated Gratitude Journal. The original illustrations by Visual Artist S.Srirama Santosh have been specially designed keeping in mind things that kids love. Children are by nature happy and bright beings and this stays in tune with their emotions.
  • Kid-friendly: The Gratitude journal comes with an attractive cover that will appeal to kids and motivate them to write down their thoughts & a Prompt Guide to Visualize them.
  • Matte Finish: The matte finish cover looks elegant and stays in tune with modern times.
  • Paperback Binding: The strong paperback binding is sturdy and ensures that your journal has a long and durable life.
  • Free Bookmark: A matching themed bookmark comes free with every Gratitude Journal for Kids.
  • Gift a life: This handy B6 (7″X4.4 Inches)size Gratitude Journal for Kids will be a gift that will be loved and cherished. This is a 90-day journal with a matte finish cover and thick non-bleed fountain pen-friendly quality paper. Comes with an attractive bookmark. Perfect to Gift for Kids.
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This Gratitude Journal for Kids has been specially crafted for today’s kids with cute illustrations by Visual Artist S.Srirama Santhosh. It’s a modern and fun style of Doodles that will appeal to them.  This 90-day journal comes with an attractive, matte finish cover. The free matching themed bookmark adds to the joy. It provides enough space to express themselves and also doubles up as an organizer and handy book to jot down sudden inspirational thoughts.

Why keep a Gratitude Journal?

Today’s kids are smart and tech-savvy but the downside is that they spend most of their time online with mobile phones and gadgets losing out on many beautiful moments in life. This specially designed Gratitude Journal for Kids will bring them out of the digital world into the real world and savor moments of happiness and gratitude. The habit of keeping a journal brings into their discipline and also the appreciation of everything they have and not take them for granted. Recommended by psychologists and researchers, this imbibes in their mindfulness, gratitude, and a growth mindset.


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