That 1

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Being Yourself is being Unique because there is only one of you, Take it as a gift that is Possessed only by you. Everyone has one, but they are all different. 

That 1 Merchandise

Express Yourself!

That 1 Merchandise is all about expressing yourself, exuding trendy and positive vibes. These comfortable casuals will also boost your self-esteem as you get noticed.

Gift Yourself Something Special

That 1 Merchandise is not just another product. It’s a labor of love and reflects on your individuality and directs your mind towards joy, success, and positivity.

Customized to Your Taste!

That 1 Merchandise is customized to your taste. You can pick from the wide range of doodles and inspiring quirky lines.

Own a Piece of Art

Each of these doodles has been custom created by visual artist S. Srirama Santosh and this makes them unique.


That 1 t-shirt and tops are made from soft, breathable fabric and are strong and durable. Available in a splash of colors. That 1 Merchandise stationery and merchandise is made from quality and durable material.


  • No Minimum Quantity. 
  • It will take a minimum of 9 Working Days to Dispatch from order confirmation. 
  • We don’t accept returns or exchanges.


That 1 Merchandise is a gift you’ll love to possess for yourself or gift. You can customize it with any of the wide range of artworks by visual artist Srirama Santosh with quirky lines that reflect your mood and vibe.


STEP 1 –
Select any of our fun and positive artworks from our Instagram Pages

STEP 2 – Upload the link here.

STEP 3 – Select Colour, select Gender too only for T-shirts

That 1 Merchandise will be ready in a jiffy and on the way to your doorstep.  

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