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Last quarter of 2018 might be hectic towards wrapping up the deals, closing down the books and depleting budgets. End this productive year with a positive note before going on Holidays. Also, begin 2019 with a positive note by ordering Corporate gifts for your employees.

New Year Corporate Gifts include Diaries, Notebooks, Planners, Organisers, Mugs, Cups, T-Shirts, Bookmarks, Greeting Cards and most importantly Calendars. Let the Day 1 of 2019 be born with a whole new set of positive vibes across the organisation.

What’s unique with Doodle Monk’s Happy Being Calendar?

Everyday work place has become so noisy and stressful with digital notifications, alarms, reminders and phone calls. Printed Calendars, especially desk calendars tend to declutter muddled thoughts and help us orient our next best moves based on timelines. Happy Being Calendars add brilliance to your desk, paint that ambience in the workplace and expose your knack for trend-setting, smart buying choices.

Read the A to Z of Happy Being Doodle Monk Desk Calendar!

2019 Desk Calendar Doodle Monk
2019 Desk Calendar Doodle Monk

Doodle Monk 2019 Calendar is an artistically designed masterpiece. Multiple months and weeks have been spent in thoughtful storyboarding, digitising the artwork, crafting the elegant wooden holder, printing artistic 12 monthly calendar sheets and wrapping it up with a signature style package elevates this corporate gift to a whole new level.

Each day, the calendar sheet has a vivid story to tell, moods to set, words to boost energy, doodle to relate with everyday incidents. Be sure to get busy with this conversation starter desk calendar in 2019.

So, what could be a better corporate gift to order for New Year 2019, other than Doodle Monk Happy Being Calendar 2019?

How to place order for Doodle Monk Happy Being Desk Calendar 2019?

Visit this link and Order online now. Connect with us if you want to Order in Bulk with special pricing.

Need Custom Corporate Gifts based on Doodle Monk Doodles?

We understand your business is unique. If you have customisations in mind, feel free to write to us on [email protected]. Let us make your New Year 2019 Corporate Gift 100% unique for your Organisation Employees and leave them bedazzled.

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